DMV Foodie Crew

DMV's Largest Food IG Community.


Our Mission

Connecting food influencers and supporting local businesses by telling stories and creating brand awareness on social media. As the largest food influencer community in the region, we offer a variety of ways to tell a brand’s story. A good food influencer knows how to deliver technical expertise, as well as artistic vision, resulting in captivating content that increases the visibility of your brand.

Our Purpose

We are driven by our passion for food. Food is more than what we eat, it’s culture, it's comfort, it's love and it's what connects us as a community. Most importantly, we all understand that the camera eats first. We help tell stories through our contents, curated events, and social media expertise. We integrate the latest technologies to enhance the user experience.

Our Charitable Giving

We believe strongly in giving back to our communities. Through volunteer events, we have donated our time to organizations such as the Maryland Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House Charities. We lead by example.


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