Frequently Asked Questions


What's DMVFoodieCrew?

A group of food influencers that support each other and help businesses highlight their product(s). Instagram: @dmvfoodiecrew @dmvfc.pets Facebook: DMV Foodie Crew DMV Foodie Crew Community

What is our mission?

Our purpose is to connect foodies throughout Instagram, support local businesses, and give back to the community through social media events.

Do we have a mascot?


Can a local business owner join DMVFoodieCrew?

Currently no.

What is the purpose of an Admin/MOD?

Admins/Mods help manage and organize the group. This can include but not limited to: bringing in new members, making sure events are properly organized, managing DMVFoodieCrew social platforms, building relationships with local businesses and the community.

What is the purpose of a support team?

The support team work with the community manager to helps onboard new members, manage discord, help members troubleshoot discord problems, help with events.

Who is responsible to promote/demote a member?

The Board of Directors, Admins/MODs.

How long does a suspension last?

60 days. Maybe reduced on good behavior.

What is considered to be inactive, and what happens when I become inactive?

If you’re inactive on instagram for over a year, we will remove you from the group due to inactivity. An exception is if you let us know that you’re taking a break from the group, we will waive this inactivity period. We understand that things happen in your life, and that comes first so just communicate it with us!

What happens if I change my Instagram handles?

Please update the changed on Discord as well.

What are the rules in this organization?

Read the FAQ. Be Active. Respect one another.
No negativity, no drama.
Real-life > Insta life

Should I buy followers and will this help the group?

This is a personal choice for you, but know that fake/real followers is a criteria for being selected for a media event. Although, it is not recommended to buy followers. Please review the Instagram Community Guidelines.

Do I need permission to use and promote the brand name?

No, but make sure whatever your post is in line with our values and mission.

Where can I buy DMVFC T-Shirt, Jacket, and other merchandise?


How can I meet more people in DMVFoodieCrew?

Feel free to host social events through discord or reach out to members that you want to hang out with. A main purpose of the group is to create a foodie community so if you want to meet or hang out with people, feel obligated to do so.

Why are teamwork and fellowship important to DMVFoodieCrew?

We believe supporting and lifting one another has been incredibly beneficial for us, and the reason why our group has grown so much over the past year is because we work with one another and not against. It’s very important to us to keep a community and family feel for the entire group, and we hope you can continue to help us keep this feeling with your particiipation.

What other rules I should follow?

Instagram Terms of Use and Community Guidelines

Do we have to write a review for businesses on Yelp, Google, etc?

This is not required but many of us have accounts to review businesses on. If you want to add an additional review on Yelp, Google, etc., please feel free to. Keep in mind though, media/sponsored events is to help promote a brand, not critique it

Try to keep negative comments to a limited amount if you’re posting it on Instagram, especially if the brand/restaurant has comped our food since they’re giving us food.

How can I quit DMVFoodieCrew?

You’re free to leave the group whenever you’d like. All we ask is that you let us know that you no longer want to be a part of the group and we will respect request.

What’s our hashtag?

#dmvfoodiecrew #eathelplove #dmvfctravel #dmvfcpets


How to announce an event?

Used the template provided and post it on discord to let people know all the details of the event.

Who can be the host of events?

Anyone who is willing to organize an event.

Does the host have to attend their own event?

No, but you must assign an event organizer if the host does not attend. It is strongly recommended that the host attends their own event.

What happens if I can’t make an event?

We understand that life happens, please just let the organizer know ASAP if you can’t make it to an event. Communication is key.

What is the outcome of simply not showing up for an event I signed up for?

In respect for all parties, if you do not show up to an event without notice, you will be given a warning. Three warnings and you will be suspended from being able to apply for future media/sponsored events.

What are the requirements to be selected for media events?

The requirements to be selected for media events are dependent on the host and what the business would like.

What are the requirements to be selected for sponsored events?

This is dependent on what the host and brand. Number of followers, real/fake follower ratio, engagement activity, and overall activeness.

How are attendees selected for media/sponsored events?

We try to include everyone when we can. In cases of limited spacing, selections are made based on real/active followers, local followers, engagement activity, participation and contribution to the group.

I really want to attend an event but was not selected, what can I do?

You may reach out to the organizer and let them know how you feel, however, this does not guarantee you a space at the event.

Does it cost me anything to attend events?

Social: Attendees are responsible for all their costs they spend at the event (discounts may apply and will be communicated if so).

Media: Content is usually provided in exchange for social media exposure. You are free to support the business by purchasing something afterwards. We always take care of gratuity where applicable.

Sponsored: Terms will be communicated.

Community: Occassion donations or contributions may be asked from attendees but all donations is completely voluntary

What are the different types of events?

Social, Media, Sponsored, Community, Public.

Social: Socialize and connect with one another during these events (meet and greet). Eligible for all accounts.

Media: Help promote brands and businesses during these events. Attendees are expected to post at least 1 story and 1 post on their page unless otherwise stated. Eligible accounts will be selected to attend.

Sponsored: Participants of these events will be compensated and/or reimbursed provided terms are followed and completed. Organizers will communicate details and follow through with compensation/reimbursement. Eligible accounts will be selected to participate.

Community: Make an impact on our communities by donating your time/efforts/dollars with charitable events. These events will be open to everyone when spacing is available.

Public: These events will be made opened to the public to connect DMV Foodie Crew with the community.

How to host an media event?

If you would like to host a media event, please reach out to the board of directors and we can discuss terms and details.

Who is allowed to sign up for media events?

All members of DMV Foodie Crew can sign up unless they are suspended from doing so.


What are the benefits of being a member?

Being a part of a foodie community, increased engagement, discounted/comped meals at media events, partnerships with brands, opportunities to increase visiblity on your own page.

How can new members join DMVFoodieCrew?

They can apply through the google form. The application can be found in our bio @dmvfoodiecrew or on our website.

Are there age requirements to become a DMVFC member?

18+ and for specific events, there may be additional requirements (ex. alcohol).


How does the ranking system work, and is there a meaning behind the color of our name?

The ranking system is based off number of followers. Other factors include but not limited to engagement on instagram, participation within the group, percentage of real followers. Foodie King - Founder of DMVFoodieCrew Foodie Mod - Must be selected by the board of directors 🤝 Support Team - Must be selected by the board of directors ✨𝔏𝔢𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔞𝔯𝔶 𝔉𝔬𝔬𝔡𝔦𝔢 - Must meet the following requirements: >=10K Followers, >90% Real Followers, Loyal to DMVFC, Host media events, VIP followers (PR, Businesses, @dcfoodporn, @nomtasticfoods, @eatthecapital, Blue Chip), Must be selected by the board of directors Ultimate Foodie - >=10K Followers Extreme Foodie - 7500-9999 Followers Mega Foodie - 5000-7499 Followers Super Foodie - 2000-4999 Followers Big Foodie - 1000-2000 Followers Foodie - <999 Followers 🎖 - Qualified for sponsor events

On Discord, I have an 👫 emoji next to my name, what does that mean?

This lets the host know that you're a two-person account and allows you to post 2 emojis to sign up for an event for both people

How do I change my username on Discord?

Mobile: 1. On the navigation bar, click #dmvfoodiecrew at the top of the menu 2. Select "Change Nickname" 3. Please change your username to your first name, followed by your IG Handle (i.e. Jonelle @atravelerstaste) Desktop: 1. Click on your user settings tab 2. In the My Account tab of the User Settings menu, click that edit: 3. Change that username: Source:

BTS Photos

Where can I find all the BTS/Group photos?

Check the #info on discord. All BTS photo can found on the Google Photo.


Can we host a workshop?

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, you are in charge of the entire details for the event. You can ask the mods/support for help in arranging these things.


I have a concern about a member that I think is doing something wrong. Who can I report this to?

Please contact any of the mods (@novafoodking, @foodsinmyheart, @urnovafoodie, @rudefoodpics) about any potential issues you may have. If there are any members that are not behaving in line with our behaviors, we would like to address this.

How do I report a problem with the group?

Please contact any of the mods (@novafoodking, @foodsinmyheart, @urnovafoodie, @rudefoodpics) about any potential issues you may have. If there are any members that are not behaving in line with our behaviors, we would like to address this.