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Andy has been beyond profressional to work with. I first met him, as an influencer for a McDonald's Fresh Beef campaign in June 2018, at this event Andy was one of the first to arrive and last to leave. He ensured he gathered plenty of content while there and engaged with both the client and fellow influencers. His social media presence was one of the most memorable and engaging following the event. 
I also worked with Andy for the McDonald's Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Biscuit campaign where he coordinated over 30 influencers to attend through his group, DMV Foodie Crew. The entire crew was profressional and easy to work with, I truly enjoyed the content they curated and to date this has been one of the largest valued campaigns that I have worked on.
Andy is always willing and available for any McDonald's promotions and he is one of the first people I reach out to. I look forward to continuing a great relationship with Andy and would highly recommend anyone working with him.

Public Relations of DMV McDonald's

Vincent from @foodisinmyheart is an awesome photographer that helps to manage a group of foodies/influencers in the DMV area called the #DMVFoodieCrew. They have hosted several photoshoots at our Wharf store and ended up with some incredible content!

District Doughnut Director of Sales & Marketing

Working with NoVA Food King has been such a pleasure. He not only works hard on his own social media page, he really gets a great buzz going about local businesses with his DMV foodie crew. Most of all, he cares about people and it truly shows. I really hope to work with him on future events, and I look forward to watching his continued success in this crazy foodie world.

Meghan Schulze, Dolce Vita Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar

It is always a joy to work with Andy. He has coordinated several DMV Foodie Crew events for JCPR clients and always with terrific results, many posts and, above all, professionalism. His colleagues affiliated with DMV Foodie Crew show up and deliver. 

Jill Collins, Jill Collins Public Relations

We loved working with you and the DMV Foodie Crew. Awesome, friendly people that push the limits of foodie photography, including some cool video shorts.

Can't wait to work with you again.

Will Hand, District Doughnut Sales + Marketing