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Andy Tran

Chief Eating Officer

Andy was born and raised in Northern Virginia. In his family, shared meals were the norm. Documenting his food experiences has become a creative outlet, and he feels incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue his passion for food storytelling. Eat. Help. Love. is his mission. He founded DMV Foodie Crew with the intention of bringing foodies together to support one another. He believes in kindness, compassion, empathy and that by bringing the community together, we can empower individuals with the tools to help serve and give back to our communities.

IG: @novafoodking @funfoodlays @benjinoms


Vincent Cheng

Chief Operating Officer

Vincent was born and raised in New York. He is a content creator and self-taught energetic photographer with a vibrant and bold style. Vincent became passionate about food, landscape, and urban photography during his trip to Iceland in 2017. He strongly believes that food is an essential part of life and community because it reflects who we are. It is the best way to experience the city and its culture. He knows DMV Foodie Crew will inspire anyone to get out of their comfort zone and teach them that the idea of community is greater than the competition. 

IG: @foodsinmyheart @bokehdex @funfoodlays


Emily Hoang

Marketing Director

Emily was born and raised in Northern Virginia. When she was young, she was a picky eater. As she matured, she learned how fortunate she was to have access to different foods. So, she decided to try various foods at least once before deciding whether she likes it or not. Some of the exotic foods she has tried are chapulines tacos (fried grasshoppers), pig's blood curd, and black ant guacamole. She started her Instagram account in 2017 to share her culinary experiences with interested locals in the community. Emily's friends were always curious about the places where she dined, and that inspired her to create an Instagram dedicated to posts about food. She loves helping businesses, taking photos, and working out.

IG: @urnovafoodie @emilyyhoang @funfoodlays


Helen Yu

Creative Director

Helen was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is an enthusiastic food photographer. When she sees foods, she will always take pictures. Food has always been an integral part of her life.  She realized the importance of food and how much she valued it. Food is much more than nourishment; it is a vehicle for embracing a simple life to create memories and sharing culture with people from different backgrounds which brings the community together. @foodsinmyheart is the reason why she came up with her Instagram account. Fun facts about her, she is always craving for sushi and have two bunnies. ​ ​

IG: @foodsinmyheart @funfoodlays @bunnyville_bunbun

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Judie Kuo

UI/UX Design Intern

Judie was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. As she grew up, she saw how much Montgomery County has grown, so she grew to care for and support local businesses in the DMV. With that in mind, she is grateful to be a part of this loving community of people who genuinely cares about local businesses while supporting the diversity in the DMV and sharing their passion of food photography. Besides food and being a content creator, Judie works in the marketing and graphic design fields. She also loves to travel for fun and share life with others as a means to connect with people. She is in multiple communities, so she has a heart for bringing people together and to grow together as we support and empathize with one another, and she hopes to emphasize these values everywhere she goes.

IG: @xoxojudie

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Andrew Banez

Community Manager

Andrew is born and raised in the DMV, is always food focused, carnivore-centric, and with a decent dose of everything else in between.  He grew up in a 100% Filipino household so he was raised to love and appreciate both cooking and eating food.  He strongly believes that food is the ultimate way to connect people, and seeks to accomplish that with every new place he visits.

IG: @thedmveater


Alix Delgado

Community Manager

Alix was born and raised in Titusville, Florida. She grew up being a rather picky eater with a small appetite, but her parents always encouraged and pushed her to try new foods.  Into adulthood, that relationship turned into a love for exploring unique dining experiences and cuisines. Her passion of traveling combined with her appetite has taken her across the U.S. where she spends her days eating in search for the best bite. Her latest food adventure has been a delicious endeavor in an attempt to dine at all of the Michelin restaurants in the DMV. Alix is a techie by trade but a foodie at heart, some would say her expertise went from byte to bite.

IG: @alixtakesabite

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